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Toppergems is a family-owned gemstone manufacturing business that has been around for four generations. Founded in 1984 in the beautiful city Jaipur, India, the company has since become one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of precious and semi-precious gemstones in the world. Guided by the passionate vision of its owner, Mr. Raghav Khandelwal, Toppergems is poised to expand its reach on a global scale. The company takes great pride in providing top-quality cutting and making for each gemstone so that every customer feels valued and part of the family. The company currently employs over 128+ staff members who are treated as family members, and with offices in Bangkok and Hong Kong, the reach of Toppergems continues to extend beyond its borders. With flexibility in making any shape, size, and quality for their customers, Toppergems is committed to working on each custom order with the best reasonable pricing in the market. Our company sells gemstones on e-commerce platforms like etsy and ebay with our shop name "Toppergems" In Jaipur, the company is also renowned as the rainbow Moonstone king and larimar king, cementing its status as a gemstone expert

"We Proudly Became First Priority For All Jewelers,
As We Are One Stop Solution For All Jewelry Needs of Our Customers."

We offer a wide range of precious and semi-precious gemstones, both traditional and more unique varieties. Our stones are expertly cut and polished to ensure quality, and we have a large selection of sizes and shapes to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect gems for your jewelry. Additionally, our prices are very competitive while still maintaining high-quality. This sets us apart from other gemstone sellers, making us the clear choice for those seeking the best value. Whether you're looking for classic emeralds and sapphires or something a bit more semi precious stones like amethyst, larimar, rainbow moonstones, citrine, labradorite etc. we have an extensive range of gemstones to choose from. Don't settle for less when it comes to your jewelry - choose us for all your gemstone needs.

What is So Unique And Special About Our Gems ?

Handpolished With Love And Care

"Best grade polishing are found in all our gemstones They are further hardwashed after every process. We believe in providing all gemstones with excellent quality and making."

Expert Assorter Team

"Our expert assorting team checks every gemstone for clarity, color, and cut using specialized tools and techniques. They capture any flaws or inclusions, ensuring only the highest quality gemstones as there in the photos are sent to our customers."

Ethically Sourced

"We use conflict-free gemstones and sustainable techniques to prioritize the planet and customers' well-being, setting us apart from other retailers. Customers can confidently buy high-quality, ethical products."

Only 100% Natural Gemstones

"We provide natural and ethical gemstones only. Our selection is completely unique, with no lab-created materials included. Our gemstones are perfect for jewelry designers, collectors, and enthusiasts of gemstones."

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Meet Our Team

Raghav Khandelwal (Krishna)

Owner/Founder of Toppergems


Vishnu Khandelwal

CEO of Toppergems


Devendra Khandelwal

CFO & Manufacturing Head

Our Company Toppergems is Pridefully In Association With :-

Hello Customers at Toppergems We Are Here To Provide You Each And Every Type Of Gem You Want In Any Shape And In Any Size You Want¬† As We Work On Custom Orders Also And We Are One Stop Solution For All Your Jewelry Needs…

You Can Contact Us Via Our Email : info@toppergems.com Or You Can Whatsapp Or Call Us Anytime On Our Customer Care No. +91 (800500313)

Toppergems values customer trust and uses safe payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard. Your payment information is kept private through encryption. The company aims to provide a secure and reliable experience for all customers without sacrificing convenience. Toppergems cares about building long-term relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction at every interaction.

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Worldwide Shipping

We offer Standard Free Shipping Worldwide On All Orders (No Minimum Quantity) And We Also Offer Express Shipping By Services Like Fedex And UPS For Our Customers.

Best Quality

We Make Each And Every Piece With Love And Care And Offer Best Quality Gemstones Assorted By Expert Team Leaving No Defects In Your Parcel.

Best Offers

We Provide Flat 50% off On All Our Gemstones By Using The Coupon Code : ENJOY50 We Always Try To Provide Reasonable Prices To Our Customers With No Compromises In The Quality.

Secure Payments

We Offer Secure Payment Options, Including PayPal, Credit, And Debit Cards. Your Financial Information is Fully Encrypted For Security, And We Have Implemented The Latest Measures To Protect Your Payments.

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